Calcite Stalactite Specimen

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This beautiful cave calcite stalactite is a rare find! It's white and cream-colored, with gorgeous iridescence and a sparkling druzy crystal base. It would make a perfect addition to any collection or a beautiful focal point in any room. 

Approximate Size:
Length: 3.75"
Width: 2.53"
Height: 4.79"

Approximate Weight:
1.58 lbs.

Location Found:
Hunan Province, China

Our crystals and minerals are natural, and some are shaped by hand. Because each is unique and one of a kind, some may come with small chips or imperfections. Any appearances of cracks are one of the natural characteristics of this crystal or mineral and not because of damage.

We select all crystals and minerals by hand. We choose the most unique and highest quality we can find. We try to take images/videos representing the item's actual color, but differences in viewing devices mean your item may be slightly different.