Are the items you sell real or manmade?
Most of the crystals, minerals, and fossils are real. If an item is manmade, we'll add that to the description. We're strongly against not selling items that we aren't 100% accurate in material and location mined if available.

Where do your crystals come from?
Our items come from all over the world! Some items are from the US, Brazil, Egypt, Dominican Republic, Czech Republic, China, Madagascar, Morocco etc...

When will I get my package?
We generally need 2-3 days to prepare and package items. Depending on the shipping option chosen, you should get your package within 2-5 days.

How do I request shipping insurance?
You don't! Eerie Mineral Co. will provide enough insurance to cover the cost of your items totally free. This is a little way for us to say thank you for supporting our passion.

What if my package gets lost or stolen?
First step is to contact that shipping company used. The insurance we purchase on your behalf generally covers damage to the contents of your package. We cannot be held liable if your package is lost or stolen and the shipper doesn't cover the cost. We are a small business and cannot afford to cover those costs.

What if my package is damaged?
If any damage is incurred during shipping, DO NOT throw away any of the broken contents or packaging, please take pictures of all damage including inside and outside of box. All claims should be handled by you through the shipping service used, USPS, DHL, FEDEX etc... We will do our best to help where we can.