Raw Black Tourmaline (Schorl) Hedgehog Carvings

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#1 Hedgehog - W: 1.66" | H: 1.59"
#2 Hedgehog - W: 1.23" | H: 2.33"
#3 Hedgehog - W: 1.41" | H: 2.72"
#4 Hedgehog - W: 1.39" | H: 2.06"
#5 Hedgehog - W: 1.27" | H: 2.19"

These delightful little carvings are made from black tourmaline. Tourmaline is found in a wide range of colors, but black tourmaline is one of the most popular varieties. These particular carvings have been carved to resemble hedgehogs.

Approximate Weight:
#2: 0.25 lbs. (114g)
#4: 0.23 lbs. (108g)
#5: 0.15 lbs. (72g)

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