Your Quick Guide to Sphere Stands and Sphere Holders

Purple amethyst spheres

Polished crystal and mineral spheres are round, polished objects made from various crystals and minerals. They are often used for decorative purposes at home or at the office and are believed by some to have healing properties.


Mineral and Crystal Sphere Properties

Many different types of crystals and minerals can be used to make polished spheres. The most common include:

• Quartz

• Amethyst

• Jade

• Agate


In addition to their beauty and uniqueness, polished spheres are also believed by some to have healing properties. For example, it is believed that,

• Quartz can help to amplify energy and thought

• Amethyst is considered to have calming and soothing properties

• Jade symbolizes serenity and tranquility

• Agate is believed to have grounding and balancing properties


Different Sphere Holders and Sphere Stands

While polished spheres can be placed on a shelf or in a cabinet for display on their own, many people protect their spheres by using a special sphere stand, holders, and bases, which also help showcase their beauty. These display stands can be made from various materials, including:

• Wood

• Metal

• Resin

...and are designed specifically for holding and displaying spheres at home or any other space.

Wooden sphere standOne style of sphere stand that is popular for displaying spheres is the wooden sphere stand. This sphere stand pictured is made from wood and is designed to display a single sphere high up on a balanced base.

They can be placed on a tabletop or shelf at home and used as a decorative conversation starter. Wooden sphere stands can be found in a variety of styles:

• Rustic

• Natural

• Modern

• Refined


Unique Crystal Sphere Stands

resin sphere holderCast resin sphere stands are another option for displaying spheres. This type of weighted solid sphere stand is designed to hold single or multiple spheres at once and is often used to create a collection of spheres.

This style of sphere stand is especially popular because of the variety of unique designs available and the low price.

The Benefits of Displaying Your Spheres on Display Stands

Aesthetically Pleasing

Crystal and mineral spheres are often beautiful and visually striking, and displaying them on a holder or stand can enhance their visual appeal.


Spheres can be used as decorative accents in a room, and displaying them on a sphere holder or stand can add a touch of pop to the space.

Healing properties

Many believe that crystals have healing properties, and displaying them on a sphere holder or stand can allow them to be appreciated and used for their intended purpose.


Displaying crystal and mineral spheres on a sphere holder or stand can be a great way to help others discover the different types of crystals and minerals.



*The views expressed in this article should not be substituted for medical advice. 

All metaphysical properties claimed in association with healing crystals come from books, writings, folklore, ancient wisdom and beliefs, and other sources. Their power will vary depending upon the spiritual beliefs and mindset of each individual using them. We recommend doing additional research to evaluate your available options before following any tips or advice in this article.