What is Red Cinnabar Stone?

red cinnabar volcanic pool

Cinnabar has been used for centuries to provide protection and promote good luck. This beautiful gem is made up primarily of mercury sulfide, which can be found near volcanic sites in its natural form.

Still, it also occurs during mining operations near volcanic activity or hot magma areas where molten rocks emerge from the Earth's surface! Some cultures believe these crystals have special powers due to their connection with volcanos.

Because of its bright blood-red color, Cinnabar is highly attractive and great for jewelry; it would make a great addition to any collection or just part of your home decor.

Cinnabar Color

Cinnabar crystals are a beautiful reddish color (that some have compared to dragon's blood) that comes in many different forms. It can be found as large, coarse crystals or earthy pieces of pyrite with a fire orange hue and sometimes even brownish-red or dark brick-red coloration.

red cinnabar stone

Named for its fiery appearance, this bright fire-like stone has been treasured by cultures around the world since ancient times as a symbol or reminder to be passionate and willing to sacrifice for what you believe in – even if it's yourself!

In Cinnabar's natural crystal form, Cinnabar is a dark red mineral that crystallizes in a rhombohedral lattice. It has a hardness between 2 - 2.5 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. Cinnabar gets its vermillion color from a hexagonal crystalline lattice structure which belongs to a trigonal crystal system.

This brownish-red or red & orange crystal has been preferred overtime for its radiant hues that seemed to mimic the Sun's strength not found in other crystals or minerals (e.g., diamonds).

Where is Cinnabar found?

A Cinnabar crystal is a mineral that forms in hot springs and fumaroles when the water cools quickly. It has shallow depths, with temperatures below 200 degrees Celsius at these areas of its formation- usually found surrounding deposits of recently formed rock but sometimes nearby sources like sulfide minerals such as realgar or pyrite can be present too!

Sometimes small droplets of liquid mercury are seen on cinnabars themselves; other times it may form coatings over edges within sedimentary rocks--sometimes filled cracks/fissures exist too where this special substance was deposited by nature herself (the rain!).

Red Cinnabar ore has been found all around the world, but it's most abundant in countries like China where people are heavily involved with mining. There have also been many discoveries made on mainland Spain and even among some of Europe’s tallest mountains!

Cinnabar ore can also be found in the Philippines, Alaska, California, Spain, and Peru among other places but its most prominent location may be at Red Devil Cinnabar Ore Mine where it serves an important role in satisfying the needs of the industrialized world.

Cinnabar Meanings

Cinnabar is a mercury sulfide mineral with the properties of being soft enough to cut but hard enough not to break easily. The way it moves between these states makes it durable and strong, which aids in combatting infections caused by bacteria or staph.

cinnabar stone meaning

Another one of the properties of Cinnabar is that it brings about transformative energies which are used across different fields, such as alchemy & magical practices. Red Cinnabar has been used for thousands of years and has a strong history in various cultures.

It is believed to serve the carrier by keeping the diaphragm & liver healthy, which provides more energy to prosper from goals & liveliness of body & mind.

Cinnabar was once considered a symbol of passion back during Greek times, and it is said to be a great companion when dealing with issues about your sexual life!

Healing Properties

Cinnabar is a powerful crystal with properties that are said to heal issues related to sex and fertility, as well as weight loss. It boosts white blood cell production inside your body, increasing immunity levels for the wearer. Plus, Cinnabar is good for the heart and liver, helping you heal any lingering issues in these areas.

Red Cinnabar needs to be kept out of direct sunlight or heat sources like fire because it can cause Cinnabar to become brittle and break apart; instead, Cinnabar should be kept in a cloth bag with another crystal or wrapped around by velvet or cotton fabric.

Protection and good luck

Because of its power Cinnabar is believed to provide self-protection and promote good luck. Cinnabar is said to offer its wearer even more healing protection if worn with gold because of Cinnabar's association with the Sun.


This association with the Sun allows Cinnabar to improve your ability to absorb sunlight, which in turn helps all living things grow-including you!

Some believe that Red Cinnabar has the power to help reduce phobias- particularly those related to fear of the darkness. The cinnabar stone is believed to absorb the darkness and replace it with light.

This is why Cinnabar is often placed near the door to be carried as a self-protective charm as we walk out into the dark, facing our fears head-on.

A Cinnabar stone can help you to control your emotions so that fear turns into bravery and confidence. Many ancient cultures believed Cinnabar stones were capable of supporting transformation, and some of those cultures exist today in places like China and Mexico.

Another common belief about Cinnabar is that they provide good luck to those who use or wear them around their neck or wrist or place them in their home. Red Cinnabar attracts wealth and abundance, which is why they are often used in Feng Shui.

They also promote meditation and, when placed on the third eye Chakra area, Cinnabar has been known to open clairvoyant or intuitive capabilities.


Cinnabar stone is considered a toxic mineral. If Cinnabar stone is worn or kept against bare skin, it may cause fever, joint pain, and muscle aches; it might also make you feel tired.

wash hands after handling cinnabar

If the Cinnabar stone is exposed to sunlight, it may release fumes that cause fever and other symptoms.

We recommend not crushing red Cinnabar into a powder without taking the proper safety precautions.

As with many crystals of this type, always wash your hands after handling them. Cinnabar is very safe to use and handle if the proper precautions are followed.

Other Uses For Cinnabar
Potential uses for Cinnabar include treating depression, promoting mental clarity, etc. However, Cinnabar has yet to be approved by the FDA to treat any of these conditions.

Cinnabar stone is also a powerful deflector of evil, and it can bring good luck to business ventures. If Cinnabar stone is worn on the left, you'll receive a financial boost; if Cinnabar is worn on the right side, it will protect you from financial loss.

    How to Use a Cinnabar Stone

    A Cinnabar stone is most potent when placed in an eastward-facing window, as Cinnabar is believed to be aligned with the element of Earth. When exposed to morning sunlight, Cinnabar's protective qualities, and energy increase.


    You can also absorb Cinnabar's energy by holding the stone and visualizing golden light entering the stone from your body and filling up the Cinnabar stone. This should be done at least once a day for the best results.

    If you have a Cinnabar stone, keep it on your desk or work table so that it may absorb your positive energies throughout the day.

    Before going to bed, visualize Cinnabar's protective qualities filling up your entire body. As an added surprise, Cinnabar is believed to be powerful even in candlelight, so you can light candles near Cinnabar crystals to strengthen them as well.

    Carrying Red Cinnabar crystals is also very beneficial. Most commonly, Cinnabar is used to carry in pockets or purses for protection against the energies of others. They are believed to protect their owners from toxic people, bring happiness and keep Cinnabar stone owners focused on achieving their goals.

    It is thought that Cinnabar will also help its owner attain success by bringing them opportunities at the right time, both in wealth and in their personal lives.

    Storing Cinnabar Stones

    While Cinnabar provides protection and promotes luck, cinnabar stones should never be exposed to direct fire or heat. After a time, this can weaken the Cinnabar stone's energy and cause it to crack, rendering it useless.


    Heat is especially harmful because Cinnabar stones absorb warmth from the Sun during the day, allowing them to retain that warmth at night when placed near your bed or under your pillow.

    If Cinnabar crystals are exposed to too much heat for too long, they might lose their protective qualities, rendering them all but useless.

    We recommend keeping your Cinnabar crystals in a cloth bag with another stone or wrapped around by velvet or cotton fabric.

    The Cinnabar Stone has several qualities that can help to heal you from infections and insomnia. This is the first place for those looking for strong ties in their lives, as it will allow them emotional strength while also being creative at the same time, a perfect balance between mind and body!

    If these things aren't present yet, we suggest using this stone carefully so as not to bring too much light into your life which might be overwhelming if used carelessly or incorrectly; however, close contact with it does have its benefits, such as bringing abundance back into our daily routines by helping us remember what true love feels like again.

    We hope this article helps you on your journey to discovering all the benefits of owning your very own Cinnabar stone.


    The views expressed in this article should not be substituted for medical advice. We recommend doing additional research in order to evaluate your available options before making decision to follow any tips or advice in this article.