The Enchanting Swirls of Orca Agate

Orca agate and blue agate flame

Orca Agate (not to be confused with blue agate) is a stunning chalcedony agate and can be found in many different colors. It’s also known as a stone of power because it has so much energy and healing properties within its layers. If you already love crystals, are just beginning to learn about crystals, have the astrological sign of Gemini, or like soothing and calming vibes, Orca Agate would make an excellent addition to your crystals or minerals collection!


Where Does Orca Agate Stones Come From?


orca agate madagascar

Surrounded by a beautiful ocean, some of the finest quality in the world come from Madagascar! They are mined by hand using traditional techniques that ensure the highest quality product possible without harming animals or plants during the extraction process.

Orca Agate, again not to be confused with Blue Chalcedony Agate or Blue Agate (which is actually a quartz), has white bands and many different colors within its layers. They can contain rich, beautiful depths of black, white, brown, gray, yellow, red, and blue colors!

Being a relatively new discovery makes them even more unique and rare! But because this stunningly beautiful crystal has so many positive effects to offer, these brilliant stones are gaining in popularity very quickly.

How to Identify Orca Agate


orca agate patternorca agate patternorca agate patternorca agate pattern


Orca stone is relatively harder to identify than Blue Chalcedony Agate by just looking at it since it's sort of a mix between quartz and sometimes blue agate. The main difference between Blue Agate and this variety is that they have more layers than normal agates and tend to be rough and not completely polished like most pieces you would find on the market today.

Orca Agate Bear Carving

Many people suggest that Orca stone gets its name from its resemblance to an Orca whale. If you're a fan of whales, this would be perfect for you! This stone has distinct bands of colors, just like any other agate. However, they have a unique banding pattern. Most of the time, it will have white layers with lots of color variations throughout it. 

Also known as the forgiveness stone, some people believe that the white color represents purity and innocence while the various colors represent your past experiences and future potential. Much like the majestic Orca whale, each agate is unique, and no two ever found have been identical!


The History of Orca Agate and Its Significance


Many people believe that this is a powerful stone that dates back to ancient times and was used by priests as a talisman for protection from evil spirits. It also has been said that it was around during the time of Atlantis, but it cannot be confirmed if it was actually used back then or just discovered.

orca agate throat chakras

According to ancient texts, this powerful stone resonates with the throat chakra and was used as a tool for peace, healing, and meditation. Healers would use it to balance energies within their body and cleanse themselves spiritually. Orca stone was also thought to be extremely powerful because they hold all seven chakras within its layers:

• Crown Chakra
• Third Eye Chakra
• Throat Chakra
• Solar Plexus Chakra
• Sacral Chakra
• Root Chakra

    There's no way of knowing if this is 100% true as not much information on this subject has survived, but it seems like an interesting fact nonetheless.


    What Are The Healing Properties of Orca Agate? 


    orca agate freeform

    Orca Stone is a stone of protection, deeply connected to the ocean. It enhances stability and helps you stay grounded in who you are, even during very difficult challenges.

    Orca stone provides empowerment from within and teaches how to become better at controlling the outcome of your life by handling any problem that comes your way with confidence and skill, and assists with organizational skills, housekeeping, cleaning, repairing, and refurbishing anything; cleaning up the clutter!

    This forgiveness stone will also help provide clarity when making decisions, promote a gentle inner peace, give you the ability to acknowledge hidden self truths or reveal your inner truth, and releases you of self-doubt.

    In terms of self-doubt, this will help you overcome your self-doubt by giving you the courage to forgive yourself and let go of negative emotions like guilt, shame, anger, fear, blame etc.

    Other reported properties include:

    • Removing self-loathing
    • Improving self-communication
    • Helping connect to your inner psyche
    • And it can help heal deep internal emotional wounds

        How Do You Care For Your Orca Agate?


        orca agate flame

        You should never use soap or any type of chemical cleaner when cleaning your translucent blue agate, Blue Chalcedony Agate, Blue Agate, etc... unless you do research first because sometimes these chemicals can damage the surface of the stone over time.

        Instead, just use warm water with a soft, gentle cloth to wipe away dirt from its surface. Make sure not to scrub too hard because this can also cause damage to the stone itself! After washing it off with warm water, let it dry completely before putting it back into your collection. It’s as simple as that!

        We hope you find the perfect piece for your collection.


        Feel free to browse our varieties of Orca Agate, and contact us if you have any questions!



        *The views expressed in this article should not be substituted for medical advice. We recommend doing additional research in order to evaluate your available options before making decision to follow any tips or advice in this article.